credits roll

This is not a movie, this is our daily life. But like in a movie, there are many different elements, some of which operate behind the scenes but are still crucial because they make it interesting, lively, fun. We like to aknowledge at least some of them, so here they are, randomly, and with gratitude:

the silence of the old silk factory
which is not empty, but calm, stillness willing to be filled with new ideas; a creative silence;

not only the owner of the old silk factory together with his family, but above all its host and soul, able to make ideas come true and to weave relationships;

our chef, who won heart and palate of our guests from the whole world, able to prepare delicious meals for any occasion and have everything ready and impeccable even when plans change;

Cri and Albert
our IT wizards, and dear friends, a rare thing indeed;

the other tenants of the old silk factory
talented artists, like us as busy as bees but with a “slow” soul and always ready to help or have a chat;

the cultural association Filanda Motta
which has been offering for many years great concerts and amazing shows;

my bike and my bicycle commute
which is precious time to think, and to admire the mountains in the distance when I arrive in the

the three-mendous,
and they know why