We like to make specialised and complex concepts accessible to all in an innovative and exciting way. We always follow the international guidelines on environmental claims whether we are developing an illustration for an achieved goal or writing a scientific paper. We can give tone and taste to your project.

“To complicate is simple, to simplify is complicated.”

Bruno Munari

  • We develop workshops and experiential paths for children, teenagers and adults who love to meet challenges with a positive spirit.

    We have a long experience working with schools. We analysed many existing workshops worldwide, experimented a great deal and developed programmes for kids and teenagers from 4 to 15. Find out  here more about some of our most requested workshops.

  • We develop paths, experiences, content for publications and exhibitions.

    We explain LCA in a way easy to understand to non experts, enjoyable and methodologically sound.

    In 2013 we had the honour and pleasure to contribute to the permanent exhibition on the life cycle of products at the Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci in Milan. There you can see two of our LCA studies.

  • We create innovative communication experiences, new concepts which stimulate change, food for thought.

    We like to explain sustainability in a fun way, surprise and inspire new ideas. Getting to the heart of things is our passion and we love to illustrate concepts evoking emotions. Our goal is to generate curiosity and the desire to know more and go deeper.