2B is the result of a big passion for sustainability, many years of international experience and a dream.

The team is the soul of 2B, that’s why we like for everyone to have space for personal growth. We are eco-innovation craftsmen, operating in a building with a rich history. Here we have found spaces filled with memories and large rhythms where the door to creativity is always open. Not a day goes by that we don’t learn, research and share. Each project is unique to us, deserves the outmost care and exclusive attention. We care both for detail and the overall picture, we look forward but never lose sight of where we come from, always keeping track of what goes on around us but independent in the road we follow.

Leo Breedveld

A Masters in Chemistry and a Masters in Environmental Sciences at the University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands), then a period as a junior professor and a long carrier at the major Dutch research centre on water. Here he starts using LCA, which he introduces to the Dutch water policy and in Sevilla (Spain) to the BAT working groups for the European IPPC Directive. Founder of 2B, he has taught LCA to companies, research centres and universities in three continents and is member of a number of international scientific networks. He has been active in the field of LCA and sustainability for over 20 years and has taken part in numerous EU research projects.

Ex drum player, good ice skater, he won’t say no to a chess game. In Italy he misses Dutch cycle paths but not food. He loves every aspect of the mountains: the view, walking, climbing, skiing. He runs for fun and to keep fit, in life he walks to enjoy the landscape and the people he meets along the way.

You can contact Leo to talk about LCA, ecodesign, industrial ecology:breedveld@to-be.it

Beatrice Bortolozzo

A Masters in Business Administration at Bocconi University (Milan, Italy), she spent many years abroad working in marketing for different multinational companies among which Reebok Europe and Telfort (BT Group). A true interest for nature and the environment evolved into a specialisation in environmental communication. She is co-founder of 2B, where she combines the experience gained in marketing with the peculiarities of sustainable development. Perfectly at ease with those who follow trends or try to anticipate them, she definitely enjoys more working on projects that enable jumping into creative and totally new experiences.

She loves studying languages (she speaks 5 and a smattering of a couple of others), and non-monotonous travels, she is an avid reader, loves walking, cycling (in summer also in the rain) and, unfortunately only seldom, idling under a tree.

You can contact Beatrice to talk about marketing strategies and activities, environmental communication, events: bortolozzo@to-be.it

our network of collaborators

Persons with different expertises and experiences join the team. We believe in a network based on personal skills, quality, ethics and knowledge sharing.

“We are so bound together that no man can labor for himself alone. Each blow he strikes in his own behalf helps to mold the universe…the coral insect, fashioning its tiny cell, joins continents to one another”. Idle thoughts of an idle fellow, Jerome K. Jerome